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I'm trying to parse a xml file and I'm having problems with a really simple nested tag but every example I have seen just takes the easy way of reading not nested xml tags, or plainly changing the xml (I can't do that). So my question is: in Sencha touch 1.1, how can I configure the model to load just one property which is nested inside a couple of tags? I tried this:

    fields: [
        {name:'Thumbs',mapping:'Photos > Thumbnail'}

and this would be an xml item:

blah blah blah
blah blah blah
blah blah
<Photo src="big_image_link" width="400" height="276"/>
<Thumbnail src="little_image_link" width="110" height="80"/>

the model is parsing the headline, summary and body just fine, the problem comes with the Photo and Thumbnail inside the "Photos" tag, I have tried with associations in every way I've seen documented but it didn't work in any case, I'm just interested in the Thumbnail src property, I don't know why it is THAT hard.

edit: I changed the code to reflect how I got to the 'Thumbnail' tag when I edited a local copy of the xml to be like


But now I need to access the 'src' and I don't know how the mapping should change from

mapping:'Photos > Thumbnail'

And I've tried: Photos > Thumbnail, Photos > Thumbnail.src, Photos > Thumbnail > src, Photos > Thumbnail @src, and a couple more ways, still no answer.

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Your code seems right. You only need to change mapping:'@src' to mapping:'src' i.e. with out the @ character.

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sadly it doesn't work either, I'm editing the code to show how I got a little bit closer – Gustav Xyrer Dec 7 '11 at 18:58
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I ended up parsing the xml with plain js and adding each object to the store, hopefully sencha touch 2 will have a working xml reader on it's final release.

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