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I have the following code. The foreach at the end is unnecessary because there will only be one row returned.

So how do I grab a value from userGroups without having to loop?

Thanks Kevin

using (kdEntities db = new kdEntities())
            Label lbl = sender as Label;
            IQueryable<UserGroup> userGroups = from UserGroup in db.UserGroups where UserGroup.UgpID == 1 select UserGroup;

            foreach (var group in userGroups)
                lbl.Text = group.UgpDescription;
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should do the trick

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Easy, peasy lemon squeezy +1 –  Ash Burlaczenko Dec 6 '11 at 15:27

You have two options:

Use userGroups.FirstOrDefault(); if there could be multiple values and you are only interested in the First one

Use userGroups.SingleOrDefault(); if there should be only one value. If there are multiple values an exception will be thrown.

The OrDefault part is also optional. This will return the default value (in your case null) if there is no value. If you leave out OrDefault and the collection is empty an exception will be thrown.

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