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I need to create an incident (using remedy, ICM, or third party tools) automatically whenever a CRITICAL alert pops up on Nagios tool. Can anybody recommend how to do this?

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In the nagios configuration where you define a contact, you have two options:


These ship with the default of host-notify-by-email and service-notify-by-email respectively, and those are defined with the command configuration option. You could define your own command, and put it next to one of the notify commands inside contacts, and It'll get run in addition to a page.

Alternatively, look for a plugin on the Nagios Exchange

An example; IRC notifications plugin:

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Remedy can create incidents out of emails. Talk to your remedy admin, figure out the format the email needs to come in, and then modify the notification commands to send the email out as needed

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Thanks all for the reply ,.!! that helps – brij Jan 31 '13 at 11:09

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