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I wonder what's the most maintainable/correct way to implement a server based on netty that handles a bunch of different packet types (mmo server to be precise), i.e. login packets, move packets etc.

It would be perfect to ultimately have every packet represented by a POJO.

Assuming every packet begins with an unique, constant-length identifier: is it better to have multiple decoders (I'd like to take advantage of the ReplayingDecoder class), or just one decoder that delegates further decoding to other classes based on decoded packet id?

Any suggestions and/or links would be appreciated.

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Most times in live, there is not one single best solution. –  johannes Dec 6 '11 at 16:26

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I always prefer a single decoder that delegates further decoding to other methods in the same decoder class or to other classes based on decoded packet type ID. In MINA, we had a DemuxingIoHandler which does something like that easily at the cost of internal complexity, but with ReplayingDecoder, it's usually as simple as switch-case.

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That was the first solution that came to my mind but I wanted to make sure. I'll stick to that then - thanks Trustin. –  Itako Dec 7 '11 at 11:20

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