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I need to use c# convert wav to mp3. I try this demo.

run it.

vs2010 throw error 0x8007000B

I use vs2010 win 7 64bit

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The readme of the code attached to the article states:

If you don’t have any version of lame_enc.dll already installed in your path you must put the DLL included here (or other lame_enc.dll version) somewhere in your path in order for the projects presented here can work.

That error you mention often pops up when Windows doesn't recognise the DLL you are trying to load I would hazard a guess that the lame_enc.dll is either not in the right place, or more likely compiled for 32-bit in which case you will need to find a 64-bit version of it.

You could check the DLL using the command:

dumpbin -exports lame_enc.dll

If the DLL is valid for your system it should return a nice list of exported functions.

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