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I have the following code in "Custom Code" in SSRS 2008. It works fine in VS2008 but it won't run on the server:

Public Shared Function Ns(ByVal num as Object, ByVal def as Object) as Object
  if IsNothing(num) OrElse Not IsNumeric(num) OrElse System.Double.IsNaN(num) then 
      return def
      return num
  end if
End Function

I am referencing it as "Code.Ns(..., ...)" in my fields in SSRS 2008. In VS2008's renderer it seems like it is executing just fine. When I try to render it programatically using a custom .NET application the report renders with all the fields except for the custom code parts which look like: #Error. What am I doing wrong?

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Reporting Services 2008 (NOT R2) returns different types depending on what it read from the database. (see Here for a good explanation). If you return an Object from a sub as I was doing above then the SUM() function in SSRS 2008 gets messed up because you might be summing different types. This is what I was doing in one of my cells in SSRS:

Sum(Ns(<some database field>, 0)

Although this DOES work on SSRS 2008 R2 (on my test machine), it DOESN'T WORK ON SSRS 2008 without R2 (my production machine).

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