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i wanted to know how could we draw custom shapes in wpf (may be using expression blend4), without using pen feature of expression blend4. i wanted to draw the below mentioned button such as irregular shaped buttons .

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I usually use a Path object to draw irregular shapes

For example,

<Path Stroke="Blue" Data="M 10 100 L 100 100 L 100 50 Z" />

Will start at 10,100, draw a line to 100,100, then another line to 100,50, then close the path by drawing a line back to the starting point.


You can also use lower-case letters to use relative positions. For example,

<Path Stroke="Blue" Data="M 10 100 l 90 0 l 0 -50 Z" />

Would draw the same shape, but use relative paths. It will start at 10,100, draw a line going +90 along the x, and 0 along the y, then another line going 0 along the x and -50 along the y.

A shorter version of the same line would be

<Path Stroke="Blue" Data="M 10 100 h 90 v -50 Z" />

which starts at 10,100, goes horizontal 90, then vertically -50

One resource I often use when building a Path is this site, which lists the commands for the "geometry mini-language"

Of course, you can also build your Path object in full XAML if you prefer:

<Path Stroke="Blue">
            <PathFigure StartPoint="10,100" IsClosed="True">
                <LineSegment Point="100,100" />
                <LineSegment Point="100,50" />

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