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I'm wondering if there is a method to have a bash script present data to the console and consistently update it. Much like the functionality of top, but in a more simple form.

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watch -n 1 <your-command>

From the watch(1) man page:

Execute a program periodically, showing output full screen

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Thanks, totally forgot about watch. This is doing exactly what I need, thanks. – viGeek Dec 6 '11 at 18:55

You need to use curses for this. Here's one detailed article about curses usage.

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You can use "while true / clear"-loops to have constantly updated screen like:

while true
echo "your output"
sleep 5
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You can use terminal escape codes. You can print them with echo -ne (drop the n if you want the newline afterwards). The escape character is \033. This will clear the screen and put your cursor at the top left:

echo -ne "\033[2J\033[f"

There are cursor-positioning codes, color codes, formatting, etc.

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