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I am a bit of a pickle right now: I have an image displayed on my website, which has an src from a mysql server, it looks like this:

echo '<img src = "'.$sourceVariableFromDatabase.'" class = "profileImage" id = "profilePicture" />';

Also on my site, is a function that changes the database, and hence the value of $sourceVariableFromDatabase. However, the image won't update until the page is refreshed, but I would like it to display the new image src from the databse without refreshing.

I know this can be done through jQuery, but am unsure as to how to get the value from a database, as Javascript is not a server side, like javascript, and as far as I know cannot access databases in mysql.

How can I achieve this in Javascript/jquery.

Thanks, I have tried to be as clear as possible, and apologise for any waffle.

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You need to use AJAX. – SLaks Dec 6 '11 at 17:03
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JQuery can be used to call a URL that returns data (e.g. HTML, JSON, text, etc). How that URL returns data can be however you want (PHP+MySQL, etc). Once JQuery receives the response, it can then update the img tag.

Here is a simple example:

Example HTML

<img id="profilePicture" src="(your source from db1)" />

Example JQuery on HTML page

function update_image(db)
  // get new image src
  $.get('some/url/to/get/new/src', {db: db}, function(response){
    // update the img src
    $('#profilePicture').attr('src', response);

Example page (/some/url/to/get/new/src):


// get request data
$db = $_GET['db'];

// get img src
$src = some_function_to_get_src($db);

// output src
echo $src;
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What is the new_src bit in the jquery, I don't understand, thanks. – H Bellamy Dec 6 '11 at 17:33
That should've been response (fixed). – minboost Dec 6 '11 at 17:41
$.get('/pathToCode', function(imagePath){
    $('#profilePicture').attr('src', imagePath);

The file at /pathToCode would need to query the database and echo the path to the image. Just add this code to the end of your function that changes the database.

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