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We have an MFC application that handles data with either MS-Access, Oracle or SQL-Server. For a specific treatment, we have to use database transactions.

On Oracle or SQL-Server, everything is ok, but in MS-Access, we get the "File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry." message, as described here

The question is what is the maximum coherent value that I can put there? I was thinking about setting this value programatically at the appplication statup...


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I'm seeing entries as high as 50,000 through Google - but I suspect it's MaxInt. However, what is it that you are doing that's generating so many locks on the file? – BIBD Dec 13 '11 at 19:17
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After doing some research, I didn't see any article mentioning a maximum value. Theoretically, the value being a DWORD, we could put up to FFFFFFFF (hex) or 4294967295 (decimal), but I'm not sure if it's a coherent value.

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