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I would like to realize an iPhone app with Facebook OpenGraph to push user activities directly in Facebook (for this part, it's OK). BUT, I would like to show friends activities for the same verb. In dev Facebook documentation, I don't find API to get friends activities...

Any ideas ?

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GET /me/{namespace}:{action-type}

GET /me/{namespace}:{action-type}/{object-type}

Don't forget to ask for the permissions firends_actions:namespace

Namespace = namespace of your app

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Find friends with the app (this gives you a nice tidy list)

Option 1. Use Fql.query so you can apply filters and get back only what you need...

Fql.query POST
SELECT uid, name, pic from user where uid in (select uid2 from friend where uid1=me()) and is_app_user=1", @"query

option 2. Use opengraph and get back a mother list of friends with their ID any fields you want to read (installed status shown)

GET me/friends&fields=installed

Then use the Friends list to download their {action-type} executions

Option1. Enumerate through your friends activity with this and then bare it all:

GET /friend_id/{namespace}:{action-type}

option 2. Force the user to browse the list of friends with the app... They choose the friend and then ->

GET /friend_id/{namespace}:{action-type}

They get a list of that users last 25 actions. It's how instagram works when you browse.

The thing we all want is to just have a feed with the last 25-50 actions by friends. Just like the activity plugin. At this point it seems like there is no way to get it. I spent hours searching and everyone ends up saying you need to do it manually on your own server. I wouldn't be surprised if this activity function is added to the graph sdk eventually. It's a reasonable request.

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