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Our website is implemented in ASP and Visual Basic.

I wish to add a few new pages to the site but I wish to do it in ASP .NET MVC with C#. Are ASP and ASP.NET compatible for the same website?

I've done a few ASP .NET MVC tutorials. What would I need to do to get a simple hello world project to work on our server? What will I need to install etc?

Also, our database is implemented for sql server 9.0. Will there be any issues here?



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Please pay attention to your tag choices. The asp tag proved to be ambigious, and so was cleaned out in favor of asp-classic. For a moment there, you had the only question on the site tagged asp, and that helps no one. –  Joel Coehoorn Dec 6 '11 at 17:40

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Are ASP and ASP.NET compatible for the same website

The same IIS Web Application can include both ASP and ASP.NET pages.

But nothing will be shared, Session and Application objects are completely separate. To share code it will need to be COM components, and use the .NET tools to create a wrapper.

SQL Server 9.0

That's 2005: fully supported in .NET.

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Adding a few bits to the Richard answer:

  • Create a MVC app and copy over all the asp files
  • Edit the global.asax and add the following line in RegisterRoutes

  • If the root of the site will continue to be an ASP file you have to deal with the routing also

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