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Are any of the following XPath expressions acceptable? Using version 2.3.1 of eclipselink


Basically this is in a class which repeats within the XML document (/root/tag), if that isn't clear I'll elaborate.

I'm trying to traverse up the tree rather than down. My other @XmlPath annotations are working fine.

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EclipseLink JAXB (MOXy) does currently not support axes/parent. If you are interested in this kind of support please enter an enhancement request:

It does support XPath like:

  • @XmlPath(".") // Map to self node, useful when mapping two objects to same element
  • @XmlPath("@foo") // Map to attribute
  • @XmlPath("foo") // Map to element
  • @XmlPath("foo[2]") // Map to 2nd occurence of
  • @XmlPath("foo[@bar='Hello World']") // Map to foo element with bar attribute with value "Hello World"
  • @XmlPath("ns1:foo/ns2:@bar") // Map to namespace qualified nodes

For More Information

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