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I am developing an application using Qt. I have in my menu bar an action called "accounts", this menu action loads a subwindow into a mdiArea with a tabbed style, also.

Some times, there are more of two opened subwindows, by example "accounts subwindow" and "categories subwindow" but only one has the focus: "categories subwindow", in this case I want to set focus to "accounts subwindow" when I click "accounts action". in other words...

if "accounts subwindow" is closed, then "accounts action" should to open it. if "accounts subwindow" is opened and has the focus, then "accounts actions" should do nothing. if "accounts subwindow" is opened and has not the focus (maybe another subwindow has it), then "accounts actions" should to set focus to "accounts subwindow".

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I don't understand how this relates to Firefox (from your question title). –  Arnold Spence Dec 6 '11 at 18:47
Sorry, was an error, I fixed the title, also, Bart edited my question, he removed "QT" letters from title. Sorry again :/ –  el_quick Dec 6 '11 at 23:07

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