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I want to select rows that falls between some date range, I tried the following query but it didn't work.

SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE DATE_FORMAT(date_col, '%2011-%c-%e') BETWEEN '2011-11-28' AND '2011-12-5' 

It doesn't seem like the BETWEEN keyword works on date. Please how do I get the results? Thanks

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what is the data type for date_col? –  ajreal Dec 6 '11 at 18:19

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SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE DATE_FORMAT(date_col, '%Y-%m-%d') BETWEEN '2011-11-28' AND '2011-12-5' 
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You don't need to use DATE_FORMAT if you want to compare dates.

FROM tbl 
WHERE DATE(date_col) BETWEEN '2011-11-28' AND '2011-12-05'

Your code compares strings, assuming you use DATE_FORMAT(date_col, '%Y-%c-%e')

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