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Most examples of bundle identifiers have three parts. Are four part bundle identifiers valid in iOS? How about n-part? (n > 3)

[1st name].[2nd name]...[n-1th name].[nth name]
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There is no limit I know of. I personally used bundleIDs with up to 6 parts, they all passed verification and now live happily in the App Store.

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Thanks Lakitu and @qwerty-bob, both good answers. – Danyal Aytekin Dec 6 '11 at 18:56

Asking another question, can you have a server named:

It's essentially just a name. All commercial companies/products should start with com and so on. By having this convention, it (technically, though legality is another issue) allows two products with the same name but by different companies.

At the end of the day : It's just a string following an established convention.

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