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I want the following code to remove a leading zero from a price (0.00 should be cut to .00)

QString price1 = "0.00";
if( price1.at( 0 ) == "0" ) price1.remove( 0 );

This gives me the following error: "error: conversion from ‘const char [2]’ to ‘QChar’ is ambiguous"

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The main issue is that Qt is seeing "0" as a null-terminated ASCII string, hence the compiler message about const char[2].

Also, QString::remove() takes two arguments. So you code should be:

if( price1.at( 0 ) == '0' ) price1.remove( 0, 1 );

This builds and runs on my system (Qt 4.7.3, VS2005).

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Try this:

price1.at( 0 ) == '0' ?
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The problem is that the 'at' function returns a QChar which is an object that can't be compared to the native char/string "0". You have a few choices, but I'll just put two here:

if( price1.at(0).toAscii() == '0')


if( price1.at(0).digitValue() == 0)

digitValue returns -1 if the char is not a digit.

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It should probably be price1.at(0).digitValue(). – jrok Dec 6 '11 at 18:40
Since QChar::QChar(char) seems to be non-explicit, just ...at(0) == '0' should do it, too. – Christian Rau Dec 6 '11 at 18:49

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