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I created a function on the class.checkout.php page in Interspire Shopping Cart so that it takes the SKU from all the items in the cart at checkout and grabs the stock level, real-time from the supplier and inserts that number into the database.

The purpose is to keep customers from ordering an item if it goes out of stock during the checkout process.

In this class file, Interspire already has several calls to a "checkStockLevel" function at various steps. What I wanted to do was get my stock update function to run right before each of these stock level checks so the stock level check is checking against the most current stock levels from the supplier.

The problem I'm running into is, my code works great (if I start to checkout and zero all the stock levels then proceed through the checkout, it does get the stock level for each item in the cart at checkout and updates the database with the number for the appropriate SKU). The problem is for some reason even though that function executes correctly, when the stock level is checked, it still returns the customer back to the cart saying one of the items is out of stock.

It seems to me, the check stock level function is running before the stock level update is finished because it only returns the error for one of the items in the cart (verified that both items in the cart have updated stock levels in the database). So it looks like the check is firing off before the update is complete for the second item.

Hmmmmm It looks like it does the same even with only one item in the cart.

My confusion is I thought PHP would wait until the previous function is complete?

I'm crash coursing myself on PHP because I can't find a programmer to help (I don't mind but I must ask that you bear with me, I'm learning).

Ok, This is the function call I'm using at various stages in class.checkout.php:

// Update stockleves from supplier

and this is the function and "supporting" functions:

* Updates stock level from supplier before stock level check

private function UpdateStockLevels()

    $tsquote = getCustomerQuote();
    $tsitems = $tsquote->getItems();

    foreach($tsitems as $tsitem) {      
    $sku = $tsitem->getSku();
    $server_url = "http://xxxxx.com/xxx/webservices/index.php";
            $request = xmlrpc_encode_request("catalog.getStockQuantity", array($sku));
            $context = stream_context_create(array(
            'http' => array(
            'method' => "POST",
            'header' => "Content-Type: text/xml",
            'content' => $request)));
            $file = file_get_contents($server_url, false, $context);
            $response = xmlrpc_decode($file);
            $result2 = mysql_query("UPDATE isc_products SET prodcurrentinv = '$response' WHERE prodcode = '$sku'") 
            or die(mysql_error());  



* Checks the stock levels of each product during various stages of checkout to ensure you can't purchase a product that has become out of stock
private function CheckStockLevels()
    $quote = getCustomerQuote();
    $items = $quote->getItems();

    foreach($items as $item) {
        if($item->getProductId() && !$item->checkStockLevel()) {
            $outOfStock = $item->getName();

    if(!empty($outOfStock)) {
        FlashMessage(sprintf(getLang('CheckoutInvLevelBelowOrderQty'), $outOfStock), MSG_ERROR, 'cart.php');
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PHP will only execute a function call after the previous commands have completed. This should help narrow down your issue. –  jedwards Dec 6 '11 at 18:40
OP has explained that the code was being added to the wrong file and the issue has resolved itself. –  Kev Dec 7 '11 at 0:34

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PHP is executed sequentially. So a function called later cannot be executed before an earlier called function is returned.

Without seeing any code it is hard to give advice about what is going on.

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Thanks. I had to reboot in the middle of the post. I've added the code now. –  Tsanders Dec 6 '11 at 19:15

Your description is somewhat confusing but I'll take a shot at it. I have no idea what checkStockLevel returns so...design accordingly.

  • foreach item
    • update stock level
      • check stock levels
        • if there is enough update
        • else return error/remove item
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Thanks. I had to reboot in the middle of the post. I've added the code to make it a little clear. The stock level update is in a sense completely independent of the stock check. But I need the stock check to depend on the stock update to complete. Also, the stock check isn't my custom code and I don't want to change what it does natively, I'm just trying to add my little bit to the flow so the stock levels are updated before these native checks. :) –  Tsanders Dec 6 '11 at 19:19

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