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I need to do insertion into an MS access db. I'm using jdbc for doing it. I have time as a string "12:00:34" and need to insert it into MS access as a date/time object. How do I do it? I need to convert it into a 24hour time format

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if you use parameterized queries you don't need to do this kind of conversion. And you should be using parameterized queries in order to write more secure code. – Dmitry Beransky Dec 6 '11 at 18:56

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MS-Access stores dates as a double precision float, with 0 equal to 30 Dec 1899, 12 noon is stored as 0.5.

If you just have a time of 12:30 you need to store it in msaccess as 30 Dec 1899 12:30, for it to be interpreted as just a time.

If you needed to put this as a literal in Access SQL it would appear as #30/Dec/1899 12:30#

For example

INSERT INTO myTable (mydate) VALUES #30/Dec/1899 12:30#;

is a simple Access SQL Insert statement.

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You will need to convert it to an SQL date here's an example Java date to SQL

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