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I am running my node project using Forever on a Amazon CentOS EC2 instance using the following command:

forever start -o /home/ec2-user/logs/www.log -e /home/ec2-user/logs/www.err app.js

My application runs properly but there are no www.log or www.err files created in the logs directory. I tried manually creating these files and setting chmod 777, and still, there is no data logged to these files. I am certain that there should be data logging; I am running the same project in a similar environment and everything is logging OK. Any help is appreciated!

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did you solve this? – ianaz Nov 27 '12 at 9:40

I think there was a breaking change in one of the more recent node releases. Someone recently filed a related issue on GitHub:

Unfortunately Forever seems to output child process error messages to stdout, so redirecting stderr to a file doesn't work. A temporary workaround would be to use an older version of node. Hopefully a fix will be out soon.

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