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This is my first time using SQL Server and I have created these tables:

create table Department
    D_Number int not null,
    D_Name varchar(20),
    D_MgrSSN int,
    D_MgrDate datetime,
    primary key(D_Number),

create table Empolyee
    E_SSN int not null,
    E_FName varchar(20),
    E_LName varchar(20),
    E_Sex varchar(6),
    E_BDate datetime,
    E_Salary decimal(10,2),
    E_Address varchar(50),
    E_Department varchar(20),
    E_SuperSSN int,
    primary key(E_SSN),
    foreign key(E_Department) references Department(D_Number),

and when I run I get this error:

Column 'Department.D_Number' is not the same data type as referencing column 'Empolyee.E_Department' in foreign key 'FK_Empolyee_E_Depa__0CBAE877'.

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What is the actual query that you're running? –  BryceAtNetwork23 Dec 6 '11 at 19:04
i use SQL SERVER 2008 , is that what you need ? –  R.Vector Dec 6 '11 at 19:05
The error says it all, you'r keys E_Department is not of same type as D_Number. You could change E_Department to type int. –  Cyclone Dec 6 '11 at 19:05
Nevermind, I see it. It won't let you create the Employee table. –  BryceAtNetwork23 Dec 6 '11 at 19:07
You don't show any research effort. You just tried to run the query and pasted the error without even bothering to figure our what it means. –  The Bojan Dec 6 '11 at 19:07

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Personally I think SQL Server did an excellent job with the error message, it tells you exactly what needs to be fixed.

Look at the two fields that you have defined, one is a varchar(20) the other is an integer.

In order for a foreign key to match it's primary key, it must be of the same type. Either change both to int or both to varchar. Whatever makes sense for your business model.

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E_Department is varchar
D_Number is integer 
//thats the problem
so make E_Department integer //same data type
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D_Number is an int and E_Department is varchar(50) they need to be the same for the foreign key declaration to work.

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This is because E_Department is varchar(20), but the column that it references, D_Number, is int. You need to make both of them the same type (int, because you called it "Number").

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Some Tips: - Employee is spelled wrong - You should never use SSN as a primary key because you can not easily index it.
- D_Number is not set as identity to the department table, nor is it set to be unique.

The Problem: -The types E_Department is a varchar(20) and D_Number is an int so of course it won't work

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