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According to the ClearCase UCM documentation there are follwoing roles for UCM users:

  • administrator
  • project manager
  • developer
  • release builder

Are these just conceptual roles or they are actually defined in the ClearCase database with assigned privilages and users can belong to them?

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ClearCase has no applicative role.
ClearCase has no applicative users.

I.e. you cannot define a user and associate him/her to a role (role that you cannot define either).
And that is a major limitation, as you have to rely on system-based definition for the:

  • user (they need to be registered in the right unix or windows group, because ClearCase base its protection mechanism on the OS ACL)
  • role: you have only two: privileged user (on Windows, a user who is in the same group than the clearcase_albd process, and on Unix... root!). And all the other (non-privileged) users.
    See Privileged users and groups and Domain user and group accounts for more.
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