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I have this javascript:

function padded_array(k, value){
    var a = [];
    a[k] = value;
    return a;

padded_array(3, "hello"); //=> [undefined, undefined, undefined, 'hello']

Is it possible to shorten the code in the function body?

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Nope. that's about as short as you can make it. How is it too long? –  Marc B Dec 6 '11 at 19:17
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Not in standard ES5 or predecessor. Surely you can do something like $.extend([], {"3": "hello"}) in jQuery; you can even do

Object.create(Array.prototype, {"3": {value: "hello"} });

in bare ES5, but it is hack, I would not consider this a solution (if it is ok with you, you can adopt it).

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If you want to exclude the 'hello', you can use

new Array(count);

to create padded Arrays.

Edit: Maybe like this ?

new Array(5).concat("hello")

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