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Hello people on stackoverflow! I've searched a lot on the internet but I didn't get anything relevant. I am writing a script that opens a file directly once placed in directory. So let's say I have the directory:


Now I download a file to that. The following will be created:

F:\Files\download.zip REM This is the actual file, but 0KB
F:\Files\download.part REM This is the content of the *.zip, untill it is fully downloaded

So what for script can I use to open download.zip when its size equals larger than 1 byte? Thank you.

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Assuming %1 is the file name passed to the script as an argument, you could do something like this:

IF %~z1 GTR 0 (
  commands to process the file

%~z1 evaluates to the size of the file specified in %1. GTR means greater than, so the condition checks if the size is greater than 0, and if that is true, the commands to process the file are executed.

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Thank you. But what I need is the script to get the file as an argument... – mojamoja Dec 7 '11 at 11:04
I presumed you already had that part done, and I can see now that it was a bit premature of me to do so. But otherwise I must say that your question is somewhat vague as to what you've already got at this moment. In fact, from some angle, one could derive from your question that presently you've got nothing at all. Either way, you really should ask one thing at a time. That is less discouraging to people and will grant you more chances to get the best answer to every question. – Andriy M Dec 7 '11 at 12:34

Hi @mojamoja this should do what you want(not sure if it will work on all versions of Windows) Its using @Andriy M script but adding in the functionality you requested.

SET dirname=F:\Files

ECHO %time%
FOR /R "%dirname%\" %%a IN (*.zip) DO CALL :process1 %%a
ping localhost -n 5 -w 5 >nul
GOTO start

IF %~z1 GTR 0 (
GOTO :eof

The ping localhost -n 5 -w 5 >nul is just a delay, so that you can leave the batch file running and it will loop about every 10 seconds or so (play arround with the numbers). I've added the ECHO %time% so that you can see it is still working as this time value will update every loop.

There is a drawback to this batch....if the Zip file is still in the directory when the next loop occurs, it will run zip file again.

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