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I am new to GUI programming in Windows.

The Windows Resource Monitor (perfmon.exe /res) has four bars (CPU/Disk/Network/Memory) that have gradient backgrounds, as well as charts on the right for displaying recent CPU/Disk/Network/Memory usage.

I am wondering what kind of controls were used in this application. Are they readily available in C++ or in C#?

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Microsoft doesn't use controls much. They paint instead. More code but much cheaper on system resources and responsiveness. – Hans Passant Dec 6 '11 at 22:21
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You can use the Spy++ window finder tool (Spy++ is included with DevStudio) to find the window class names (and window boundaries).


It shows that the overall window is a DirectUIHWND, the graphs are windows but the bars labelled CPU/Disk/Network, etc are not windows at all, the appear to be drawn directly in the resource monitors client area.

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They are custom controls that are not available for external use, sorry.

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Well, at least you apologized. :-) – LarsTech Dec 6 '11 at 22:37

The implementation is not public for these controls, but I'm pretty sure they are incorporated using Windowless Controls.

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Those bars remind me of Outlook bars. One old implementation is described in Code Project, and that one also has no windows on its own. Everything is painted inside.

Edit: That Code Project article was C# port. For C++ original go to Code Guru.

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