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I have a div for my posts which may contain images with different sizes and i need to set their container's width individually. How do i do that?

<div class="panel">
<img id="screeny" src="http://localhost/531q3n.jpg"/>

Here's my current try but something's wrong:

var img = document.getElementById('screeny'); 
//or however you get a handle to the IMG
var width = img.clientWidth;
var height = img.clientHeight;
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The image must be loaded before you have access to it's size, like so:

var img = $('#screeny'); 
img.load(function() {
    var width = img.width();
    var height = img.height();
    $('.panel').css("width", width);

EDIT: for more than one image, if they are all in a div with the class 'panel':

$("img", ".panel").each(function() {
    $(this).load(function() {
        var width = $(this).width();
        var height = $(this).height();
        $(this).parent().css("width", width);
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i forgot to mention there are 4 of them and it's only getting the width of the first img it'll found. What about the rest of them? – FBwall Dec 6 '11 at 21:51
$('#screeny').load(function() {
  $(this).parent().css('width', $(this).width());

Attach a handler that will execute when the image has finished loading. This will set the parent (container) to the width of the image.

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