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Trying to parse this json and cannot seem to figure it out.

{ description = "Description Variant 1 "; id = 4; price = "25.0"; }, { description = "Variant 2 Description "; id = 5; price = "50.0"; }, { description = "Variant 3 Description"; id = 6; price = "75.0"; }

Here is my code, but I get a SigAbt on the NSLog:

- (NSMutableArray *) getVariants:(NSString *)variantJson 
    NSMutableArray *variants = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
    NSLog(@"Variant JSON: %@", variantJson);

    NSArray *vars = [variantJson valueForKeyPath:@"variants"];

    for (id var in vars) 
        NSLog(@"description: %@",[var objectForKey:@"description"]);


    return variants;

The json coming in to variable: variantJson is the above posted JSON.

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The JSON string you posted is not valid. You can check the validity of your JSON at jsonlint.com. Check the other answers for info on how to parse it :) –  Mutix Dec 6 '11 at 22:19

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iOS doesn't parse JSON this transparently; you need to run your string through an actual JSON parser library, like SBJson. (BSD-licensed) Or you can use the built-in NSJSONSerialization if you're targeting OS 5 or later.

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You have no code for parsing the JSON there. Objective-C and Cocoa have not built-in mechanism for automagically parsing JSON string into objects and dictionaries and valueForKeyPath is for getting property value (within hierarchy) of KVC-compliant objective-c classes.

In order to get nested NSDictionary'ies and NSArray's you need to employ some third party library or write your own code. Take a look at the list of libraries at JSON page.

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