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How do I access a mapping parameter ($$myvariable) from a Java Transformation in Informatica Powercenter?

What I want to do is to make a Java transformation reusable by making a part of it configurable, and a variable seemed suitable for that, however I haven't been able to access (read) a variable from the Java code.

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I see three options

  • use an expression transformation with a variable port that passes the variable into an input port defined in the java transformation

  • Use shell variables and get them with the Java 'System.getenv' call for example:

    final String myconfig = System.getenv("MYCONFIG");

  • use a Java expression to get to the variable

    Integer getEmpID() throws SDKException { return (Integer)invokeJExpression("SETCOUNTVARIABLE($$MyVar)", new Object [] {} ); }

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