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The documentation says

walk_set(self, photoset_id, per_page=50, ...)
source code 
Other arguments can be passed, as documented in the flickr.photosets.getPhotos API call in the Flickr API documentation, except for page because all pages will be returned eventually.  

If I just want 20 results, how can I do that? Otherwise, its just keep on running and getting the data

Thank you

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As described on the getPhotos, you can do:

walk_set(self, photoset_id, per_page=20, page=1)
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This is actually not the proper solution. walk_set was meant to iterate over all photos in a set. All you change by passing per_page is the number of photos it fetches in one batch. –  Sybren Jul 17 '12 at 11:18

If you want only 20 photos, don't use walk_set, as it is intended to iterate over all photos in a set. Use flickr.photosets.getPhotos directly, and specify per_page=20 and page=1.

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