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I want to create a procedure that takes in a string, searches the table and the specified column for that string, and returns a 1 if it finds it and a zero if it does not. I am relatively new to SQL and do not know the syntax or commands very well. I want something like this:


@Username   NCHAR(10)

SELECT  @Username FROM Accounts  
RETURN  @boolVariable
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You don't return a value, but instead supply that in a result set.

   @Username   NCHAR(10)
    SELECT Username FROM Accounts WHERE Username = @UserName;

In your calling code, simply check for the existence of a row in the result set.

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I'm not sure if you're looking for mysql or mssql solution.

delimiter //
drop procedure if exists search_string //
create procedure search_string (in str varchar(100))
declare b,r bool;
select count(*) into r from your_table where your_field = str;
if r > 0 then
set b = 1;
set b = 0;
end if;
select b;
end; //
delimiter //

call search_string('searched_string');
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