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How can I find files larger than or small than or same size as another file X using the find(1) command, without awk(1)?

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I mean size of file :) –  matyyyy Dec 6 '11 at 23:40

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Assuming that you're doing this on linux:

Same size as another file:

$ find . -size `stat --printf '%s' $other_file`c

Larger than another file:

$ find . -size +`stat --printf '%s' $other_file`c


$ find . -size -`stat --printf '%s' $other_file`c
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find(1) doesn't have a direct file size comparison tool, as it does for comparing file atime, mtime, or ctime with a reference file.

What you can do that is similar is retrieve the size of the reference file before calling find(1):

find . -type f -size -$(stat -c %s /etc/passwd)c -ls # smaller than /etc/passwd
find . -type f -size +$(stat -c %s /etc/passwd)c -ls # larger than /etc/passwd
find . -type f -size $(stat -c %s /etc/passwd)c -ls # same size as /etc/passwd
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