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How to check if an attribute exists for a particular entity at runtime. I will implement a property named dateAddStamp, but not all entities have this attribute. This class will serve as a base for other entity's classes... So I want to check at runtime If I can call [self setPrimitiveValue:xxx forKey:xxx] or not... Thanks.

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BOOL hasFoo = [[myObject.entity propertiesByName] objectForKey:@"foo"] != nil;
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In order to improve omz's answer, you should also check if the property is an attribute (and not a relationship named @"foo") :

    BOOL hasFoo = ( [[myObject.entity propertiesByName] objectForKey:@"foo"] != nil 
&& ([[[myObject.entity propertiesByName] objectForKey:key] isKindOfClass:[NSAttributeDescription class]]) )
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