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I have a list of URLs I'd like to scrape - 3000 of them.

I would like to go three levels deep on each url, BUT I don't want to go to external urls - only links within the domains of my start list.

I understand if I wanted to do this with just a few urls I would simply populate the allowed_domains list.

However when you get to 3000 urls, the allowed_domains list is too big for Scrapy to handle (it turns it into a big RegEx as far as I can tell) so it breaks...

Any ideas?

Something in the 'rules' list would be good. rules = (Rule(SgmlLinkExtractor(allow = (<local_links_only??>)) ,callback = 'parse_item'),)

Or something in the Offsite middleware - anyway to get hold of the referring link?

or batching the job up? get 50 urls at a time? are there any hooks to allow something like this - I can see start_requests - but no callback for something like finish_requests that I can use to fill up the start_urls list again?


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You mean that these 3000 urls are from different websites? If so, i think you better have separate spider for each of them. – warvariuc Dec 7 '11 at 11:23

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  1. Use DepthMiddleware to control depth of request.
  2. Use allow_domains to avoid external urls.
  3. Tweak concurrent settings to gain better perfomance.
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