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I have an array that looks like this:

Array([0]=>Array([id]=>7 [name]=foo) [1]=>Array([id]=>10 [name]=bar) [2]=>Array([id]=>15 [name]=baz))

Each index contains an another array with various elements including an 'id'. I would like to "go up" a level, such that my top-level array is indexed by the ID element of the corresponding nested arrays, but that index still contains an array with all of the elements that were in the sub arrays?

In other words, how can I use PHP to turn the above array into this:

Array([7]=>Array([id]=>7 [name]=foo) [10]=>Array([id]=>10 [name]=bar) [15]=>Array([id]=>15 [name]=baz))
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What you need to do here is extract the ids from each sub-array in your input. If you have these as an array of ids, you are just an array_combine call away from re-indexing your original array to use these ids as the keys.

You can produce such an array of ids using array_map, which leads to:

// input data
$array = array(array('id' => '7', 'name' => 'foo'),array('id' => 10, 'name' => 'bar'));

// extract ids from the input array
$ids = array_map(function($arr) { return $arr['id']; }, $array);

// "reindex" original array using ids as array keys, keep original values
$result = array_combine($ids, $array);


The syntax I 've used for the anonymous function (first argument to array_map) requires PHP >= 5.3, but you can achieve the same (although a bit less conveniently) with create_function in any PHP version you 'd not be ashamed of using.

See it in action.

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Nice answer and clear comments Jon +1 – alex Dec 6 '11 at 23:54

Try this:

 $newArray = array();
 foreach($oldArray as $key => $value) {
    $newArray[$value['id']] = $value;
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+1 for the "low-tech" alternative, which is always good to keep in mind. – Jon Dec 6 '11 at 23:58

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