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I'm working on an extension for MediaWiki. I want to add a tab to the article pages only -- not for edit, history, talk or any other special page.

So far, I've achieved by checking that both the namespace (for "Special:whatever" pages) and the action GET parameter (for "?action=edit" pages) are blank, but I don't know if there's a better way of doing it.

if ($sktemplate -> getRequest() -> getText("action") == "" && 
    $sktemplate -> getTitle() -> getNsText() == ""){

    $links["namespaces"]["newbutton"] = array(
        "class" => "",
        "text" => "New button",
        "href" => "http://www.google.es",       

As far as I know, the Title object has some methods, like isTalkPage, but I haven't found anything like isNormalPage.

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You probably want to know whether it is a content page, in which case you can use $title->isContentPage().

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