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I have installed SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. I have also installed SQL Server Management Studio. I cannot connect to my localhost\sqlexpress server using SSMS. However, I can connect via Visual Studio 2010. I can also connect to my SQL Azure database from within visual studio but cannot from SQL Server Management Studio.

Any help or direction would be great...

EDIT: I use the localhost\sqlexpress instance in Visual Studio 2010 through Server Explorer and it works fine. Basically it seems like an SSMS bug?

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For SQL Azure you need SQL Management Studio from 2008 R2 (earlier versions can't connect to azure).

For local connection you can also use . (dot) or .\SQLEXPRESS.

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What name are you using for servername? You need to use Computer-Name\SQLEXPRESS for the server name in the logon prompt.

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