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When reading a tree using the github api:

GET /repos/:user/:repo/git/trees/:sha

you can either pass

  1. The SHA of a commit, in which case it seems to automatically resolve to the tree in the commit, and might save you a round trip to fetch the tree SHA from the commit.
  2. Or simply pass the tree's SHA

I was wondering if you can also pass the commit's SHA for base_tree when calling the "Create a Tree" api?

POST /repos/:user/:repo/git/trees
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It seems to work without a problem.

The way I tested it was:

  1. GET the commit sha from "refs/heads/master" (returns old_commit_sha)
  2. POST a new tree with old_commit_sha as the base_tree and a new or updated file (returns new_tree_sha)
  3. POST a new commit with the new_tree_sha as the tree and old_commit_sha as the parent (returns new_commit_sha)
  4. POST a new "refs/heads/master" (set it to new_commit_sha)

I then verified that everything looked correct on github itself... and it did.

This only saves one step in adding or updating a file in a repository, but might be useful for someone.

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Oh.. You got me... What is the best way to update multiple level ? – Raja Simon Mar 8 at 13:59

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