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Xcode 3 offered to select a Build Configuration prior to building.

In Xcode 4 all I have is this:

RUN [Test | Profile | Analyze], STOP, [AppName > My iPhone]

When clicking and holding the large dropdown button that includes the app name, there are these options only:

  • My device
  • iPad 4.3 Simulator
  • iPhone 4.3 Simulator
  • iPad 5.0 Simulator
  • iPhone 5.0 Simulator

While developing / debugging (at least intending to do so) Xcode 4 throws warnings that it failed to codesign verification. However, I have codesigning only active for the App Store distribution config. Before I set up that distribution config in the Scheme Editor for "Archive", there was no problem. So I guess Xcode 4 now still uses my distribution config for normal development.

How can I tell Xcode 4 to use my "Debug" configuration when building? Probably I must select a Scheme. But like you can see in the dropdown options list above, there's no way to pick one when building.

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Edit your run/build-scheme;

enter image description here

Make sure the RUN scheme is currently selected and select the appropriate configuration;

enter image description here

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The "Build" scheme looks very different. There's just one row with these columns: AppName Target | Analyze=ON, Test=ON, Run=ON_grayedOut | Profile=ON_grayedOut | Archive=ON. The Run scheme was already set to Debug. –  dontWatchMyProfile Dec 7 '11 at 13:10

Apparently, "build" is shorthand for "build for run". The configuration for "Run" is used for the "Build" task, therefore set your configuration in the Run task.

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