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When debugging with GDB, i usually using layout src to check my code. But when i open it, i don't know how to close it. It seems that there are some other layout, and when open a new layout, it will split the window, but i still can not found a command to merge the splitted windows.

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You can always leave or enter TUI at any time durring debug session. For example you can do it with ctrl+x a key binding. 25.2 TUI Key Bindings.

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I'm living a VM linux on Windows. When enter into TUI mode, all ctrl-x .. do not work. So that I can't quit TUI using ctrl-x a. I'm looking for a command like focus src to let me leave TUI. – Hong May 30 '15 at 7:16
I found a solution from…. I used to enter into TUI mode by firstly running gdb then hit ctrl-x a, in which situation ctrl-x a doesn't let me out. While if I start gdb with gdb a.out -tui, all things work fine. – Hong May 30 '15 at 7:26

In GDB 7.7, Ctrl-x + a does not work if you have in your ~/.inputrc:

set editing-mode vi
set keymap vi

If I remove those lines it works.

This seems to be mentioned at in the following bug report:

I have requested a workaround at and Andrew Burgess replied that he had just submitted a well received patch to add:

tui enable
tui disable

so in future versions we should have commands as an alternative to the shortcuts.

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