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The flyout that allow people to comments on URLs after they like those URLs have been working fine on all of my websites until 2 or 3 weeks ago.

It looks like this is Facebook bugs after some changes they made (secretly as always). It has been reported here.

A lot of people have made the same complaints as mine. While waiting for Facebook to work on this (I can only hope that they will do asap), can anyone shed some light on this please?

Please don't mention overflow: hidden as a cause because my Facebook Send button' flyout is working perfectly fine, unless you are absolutely sure about a solution for this problem.

It looks like the div for the flyout briefly appeared after I clicked "Like" but then quickly disppeared trace of the flyout

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While I don't mind receiving "Tumbleweed" bagde, no one really bothers or knows anything about this issue at all, seriously? – eric Dec 20 '11 at 12:39
Don't you ever wonder why all out of a sudden, the flyout stopped showing up on, and I really turned to for a serious place to receive serious answers for my serious questions :( – eric Dec 20 '11 at 12:44
I can't see a lot of activities on the following bug report either (this has nothing to do with you guys though, just saying) – eric Dec 20 '11 at 12:52

This Facebook bug report got some acknowledgement:

Basically, one gets this behavior if secure browsing is enabled on the Facebook user's account.

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I'm getting this behavior and do not have secure browsing enabled on my account... – inanutshellus Sep 13 '12 at 3:05
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This seemed to have to do with my Facebook account.

I have 2 Facebook accounts and testing shows that everything worked fine for my other Facebook account.

This could be due to some temporary issues on Facebook end or they deliberately blocked this functionality for my Facebook accounts because of suspected spamming activity.

The issue resolved itself after a while.

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