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I really dislike the default indentation used on return type of functions, e.g. \im (for main function has the return type indented). I would like return type not indented.

Documentation says -- I should rename the snippet $HOME\vimfiles\c-support\codesnippets\main.c to main.c.ni (or main.c.nonindent). But that did not fix the problem.

Any other ideas ?

gvim with c-support by default adds this

 main ( int argc, char *argv[] )

     return EXIT_SUCCESS;
 }              /* ----------  end of function main  ---------- */

instead, I would like this

 main ( int argc, char *argv[] )

     return EXIT_SUCCESS;
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Can you give us examples of what VIM does and what you'd like it to do? – Codie CodeMonkey Dec 7 '11 at 8:05
@DeepYellow - I've added what gvim does and what I'd like it to do. Thanks. – user536012 Dec 7 '11 at 15:12

Please, have a look at :help cinoptions and :help cinoptions-values.

What you want is probably :set cinoptions=t0 or :set cinoptions+=t0.

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