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I have an Android app that I would like to test across 20 or so Android devices that I have in my posession.

What is the best/quickest way to deploy this APK across to multiple devices for testing?

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Put the APK on a website, convert the URL to QR CODE or send the URL to the phones using email. Click on the link and install.

Make sure you put the MIME type on IIS application/

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There is a nice service called PushLink PushLink is a private APK service to keep you enterprise application updated easily.

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I would say probably just plug them in one at a time and make sure they're all configured to install and everything, then loop through them all again and deploy the apk one at a time. I see no reason to really over complicate that process. Depending on the size of the app each download shouldn't take that long. It's tedious but it gets the job done without having to do a lot of extra work.

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Put apk file at your local server like and access it from all your devices and install.

Remember to switch off firewall if you are in Windows O/S.

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If you are using Eclipse, take a look at the answers given in the post Android - Multiple Connected Devices via USB

If you see that you have two (or more) devices listed in the Devices view (Window > Show View > Other... > Android > Devices), you will get the same devices shown in the "Android Device Chooser" under "Choose a running Android device" each time you select "Run As" > "Android Application".

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