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Given the following code :

package core;

public abstract class GeometricElement {

    private float area; 
    public abstract void calculateArea( ); //will be implemented in subclasses 

    public float getArea( ) 
        this.calculateArea( ); 
        return area; 


package core;

public class abstract PerfectPolygon extends GeometricElement 

    public abstract void calculateArea( );

    private float length;
    private int sides;

     public float getRadius()  {    return this.length; }
     public float getSides()  { return this.sides; }

     public void setRadius(float newLength) {this.length = newLength;}
     public void setSides(float newSides) {this.length = newSides;}


package core;

public class PerfectTriangle extends PerfectPolygon {

    PerfectTriangle() {}
    public void calculateArea( ) { }


package core;

public class Square extends PerfectPolygon {

    Square() {}
    public void calculateArea( ) {}


package core;

public class Circle extends GeometricElement 
    private float radius;

    Circle() {}

    public float getRadius()  { return this.radius; }
    public void setRadius(float newRadius)  {this.radius = newRadius;}
    public void calculateArea( ) {}


I'm at the beginning of my project ,however , I cannot seem to go ahead since the Eclipse throws an error of : 1) "Syntax error on token "abstract", delete this token" in class PerfectPolygon 2) " PerfectPolygon cannot be resolved to a type" in class Square 3) "PerfectPolygon cannot be resolved to a type" in class PerfectTriangle

Please notice that I wrote almost no code , I've just starting writing the code , but from some reason the Eclipse won't allow this little peace of code to compile . Any idea why ? I'd appreciate your help

Regards, Ron

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abstract class

instead of

class abstract
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thanks !! a lot ! – ron Dec 7 '11 at 4:16
@ron try the following:… – alf Jan 1 '12 at 19:54

The class should read:

public abstract class PerfectPolygon extends GeometricElement { ...

Just like your other abstract class, that compiles.

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10x for this ! Ron. – ron Dec 7 '11 at 4:17

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