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Lately I have been encountering a problem in VIM.

I use the shortcut >> (hold shift, press the period key twice) to indent a line. Sometimes I must be hitting something wrong because this shortcut stops working until I restart VIM.

Every time I try to indent with the shortcut it says "1 line >ed 1 time" instead of indenting. Or, if I have 3 lines selected and try to indent them all it will say: "3 lines >ed 1 time".

How do I fix this and restore the shortcut?


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I could reproduced this behavior; here it only appears while indenting a visually marked block (and never on the first indent). I have no solution for this so far ;) – frosch03 Dec 7 '11 at 7:18

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I have no idea, why your shortcut is not working, or what's the wrong key that you have pressed.

Regarding your 1 line >ed 1 time message: What you're doing is to shift a number of lines to the right. Vim is just notifying you about what was done, which is: One line is right-shifted one time. The > here is the right shift operator and >ed is just short for "shifted". If you do the opposite it says <ed, which is shifted to the left.

You can find more details in vim's help with: :help >

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ed was an (well, probably still is) old editor, but I doubt that is what Vim is telling you. I cannot reproduce the message you're getting, nor find anything in the documentation regarding it.

Does this happen also when you're using a clean Vim (when you start it without vimrc with vim/gvim -u none)? If so, could you paste your vimrc if it's not too big somewhere (one of those paste sites should do nicely), so we can take a look to see is there any weird combo inside causing that behaviour.

Apart from that, not much advice I can offer regarding the given data :/

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I'm pretty sure the message doesn't have anything to do with ed the editor. – Greg Hewgill Dec 7 '11 at 18:02
@GregHewgill - Yup ... – Rook Dec 7 '11 at 18:53

When a section is marked (visually marked) one > is sufficiant. The 2nd > should start another indentation, but since now nothing is marked it waits for another >.

More than this, I couldn't reproduce any error. (As it was mentioned by frosch03, the msg is just the normal response)

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