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When I tried to call url helper in a view file like below:

$url = $this->url();

The result is if:

  1. At current the controller is index and action is index. With index is default action key, it will be only out:
  2. At current the controller is not index and action is no tindex it will only out:

But I want the link in 1st case is:


How can I get it?

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If you pass a param to url helper you will retrive a full url for 1st case.

For example:

in index.phtml

 echo $this->url(array('test'=>'test'));

It will print out:


The you can get index action, and you've just ignore the /test/test

 $url  = $this->url(array('test'=>'test'));
 echo substr($url,0,-10);


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Having to use an additional parameter sucks though :/ – Cory Collier Jan 13 '12 at 13:59

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