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So I created a rule to convert all .c files to .o files. I used variable $ to place the right hand side of the rule into the recipe. The left hand side is ok with $@, but the right hand side is empty. I remember I did a similar Makefile with $, and it worked.

CFLAGS =-c -g

all:server client

        gcc -o server server.o

        gcc -o client client.o

        rm *.o server client

        gcc ${CFLAGS} -o $@ $
server.o : server.c
client.o : client.c
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Should be $<, not simply $. See info "(make) Automatic Variables".

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Thanks. That works. I am learning from a book, and it seems to miss the < character. –  Amumu Dec 7 '11 at 5:12

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