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I have a problem with the CSS managing the style of my web page. The developer who did the work was unable to make it working -after months of work-. So now I'm trying to make it work by myself. I'm not developer, and I only have few skills of PHP and HTML, but I'm a fast learning profile, so if someone can help me, I will really appreciate. OK, here we go.

My web page has two iframes. The left one, is loading a jquery application and the right one is loading a DHTML application. Both iframes try to expand the content to the maximun available space. The CSS are:




From the "layout.css" I can see the developer used:

#content iframe {

to control the size of the content in the iframe. Anyway, I can't figure out why he used fixed sizes like:

#content {
    padding:27px 9px;

#footer p {
    font:11px Arial;

The result is that the web page needs -in most of the cases- to be manually resized with "Control+ or Control-"...and is painful, horrible and gives an unacceptable user experience. I'm pretty sure that there's a way of doing the things right and that "manual" resizing can be avoided with the right coding.

Is there someone here that can give me 5 cents of where I can start looking to solve this issue?


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Could you post a link to the full working page? –  Jake Feasel Dec 7 '11 at 6:21
Hi Jake, the URL to the full working page is: wheebop.com. Regards, –  wheebop Dec 8 '11 at 22:46
Solved. Changing: "width:99%" to "width:98%" in the "#content iframe{}" did the job. Anyway I can understand why it doesn't work with 99%...?¿? –  wheebop Dec 8 '11 at 23:27

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