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This is not too trivial, I am not looking for any code. I just want to know how to format a URL to when i scan its QR-code equivalent, it will open the Foursquare Venue IN APP, NOT THE BROWSER.

This is the venues browser URL: and the QR code for it:

What would I have to do for it to function like this:

In his video, it actually opens up in the application, not just the browser.

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You should use the link like:


Where your venue ID is the row of numbers in the end of the original foursquare website venue address.

For example in the


'4d19f75f401db60ce632fea4' is the ID.

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I think you are looking for the android intents. Probably:

Try here for more info:
Quote from that site (written by foursquare):

Android intents are ways to link directly into the native foursquare application on Android. If you're planning to embed a link in a platform-independent medium (like a website, NFC tag, QR Code, etc.) we recommend you use Android intents for now, as they degrade nicely to the mobile website on other platforms.

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Not sure if you found out how but I was searching online for this answer but I figured it out myself.

When you scan a QR Code that has the actual URL from Foursquare check what app (Browser) the qr scanner uses to open it.

Once you know the browser go into: Menu -> Setting -> Applications -> Manage Applications and then find it (browser) and click "Clear Defaults"

Go back and open your qr scanner, scan the foursquare url and a menu will pop up asking which app you want to open it with.

Check use as default and hit foursquare.

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