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In Visual Studio 2008, the font size of the editor can be increased or decreased by using the commands Macros.Samples.Accessibility.IncreaseTextEditorFontSize and Macros.Samples.Accessibility.DecreaseTextEditorFontSize. I can associate keyboard shortcuts to both these commands. For example, Ctrl+< to decrease and Ctrl+> to increase.

Now, if I press Ctrl+> once then the font size of text in the editor is increased by a certain amount. How can I customize how much the font size is increased or decreased by these commands? That is how do I control the font size increment/decrement applied by this command?

Note: This is a question specific to Visual Studio 2008 and older versions. This does not apply to Visual Studio 2010 and newer.

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View + Other Windows + Macro Explorer. Expand Samples and Accessibility. Right-click the IncreaseTextEditorFontSize macro and select Edit. Modify the value of fontSizeIncrement.

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