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I am evaluating Sahi for automation. My requirement is to automate a web application that is static and based on Html and JavaScript. I tried to record the test but it did not happen.


But Sahi doesn't record it. I saw on [url]http://sahi.sourceforge.net/using.html[/url] site that only ##Keep "Use the same proxy for all protocol" unchecked as Sahi does not understand protocols other than HTTP##

Does File:// or other protocols support is not been provided yet? Please let me know is there any alternative Sahi provides for such requirement? I could not find it on any forum, please help. Thanks

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When you say "yet", I don't think there is any plan to... For sahi to even be a valid test tool you need to use it over http... which is what it is built for –  Abe Petrillo Feb 20 '12 at 21:27

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Please use a webserver to open your pages and then access it through Sahi. Sahi will not able to automate pages with the file protocol.

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